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Industry expertise

Focused solely on the aerospace industry​

Our research is based on decades of experience in the aerospace industry. It’s the only market we cover, and that allows us to provide the depth of insight our customers expect.


Written by subject matter experts

Each report is written by an expert in the field, not generalist market researchers. These experts provide a depth not available in other market reports.

Trusted professionals
Detailed analysis

Built from detailed industry models​

Our reports are bought and used by major industry players. Through our network of customers and contacts, we continue to refine our reports and add further insights. 


Closely connected to the industry

Our market size and share estimates are based on a part-by-part build-up of major aircraft programmes. We track dozens of aircraft platforms and tens of thousands of parts to establish our market sizes and growth estimates. Our figures are then validated and refined by published industry financials.

Extensive network

Our market model

Counterpoint has spent years developing and refining a market model of the aerospace and defense sectors. This proprietary model uses a part build-up of individual aircraft programmes to determine market size and market share estimates.

Market size

Our model provides current OE market and aftermarket size by aerospace component or by aircraft platforms.

Market forecast

The model provides 10-years OE market and aftermarket growth by component or by aircraft platform.

Suppliers’ market share

Our model provides market share information for the sector’s participants.

Market share by manufacture methods

The model provides market share by manufacture methods for commercial aerospace programs.

Market size by material

Our model also provides the market size for various materials used on aerostructures and engines (for aerostructure and engine components).

Market size by region

Our model also provides market size by geographical region.

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