Aero-Engine and IGT Components 2021


Navigate the complexities of the aero-engine and industrial gas turbine (IGT) components market with our comprehensive 2021 report. Our expert analysis dives deep into market dynamics, offering projections and segmentation under different Covid-19 recovery scenarios, a breakdown of market segments by aero-engine civil and military, IGT, and their respective manufacturing processes and component types. With a meticulous examination of market trends, demand drivers, and the multi-tiered supply chain structure, our report also delves into the strategic moves of 159 key players in the industry, providing profiles that cover their origins, sales estimates, operations, and recent developments. Equip yourself with invaluable insights to navigate the evolving market landscape confidently.

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The supply chain has been under huge pressure as the aero-engine OEMs sharply reduced and are now preparing to ramp up production, at least for single aisle aircraft, while the aftermarket has seen unprecedented disruption.

Our new report also offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • Market growth projections and segmentation under three different Covid-19 recovery scenarios over the period 2020-2030
  • How the market segments by:
    • Aero-engine civil and military: OE and aftermarket
    • Industrial gas turbine (IGT): OE and aftermarket
    • The principal manufacturing processes e.g. casting, forging, machining etc.
    • Component type e.g., engine modules, blisks, transmissions
  • Market shares in the main manufacturing processes and selected product categories
  • New engine programmes and forecast market shares
  • Demand drivers for aero-engines, IGTs and aftermarket
  • Market trends and its key characteristics
    • The shape and tiers of the supply chain broken down by role and by principal process
    • History and current trends in consolidation
    • The extent to which engine OEMs are vertically integrating components seen as critical whilst outsourcing others
    • The growing impact of Ceramic Matrix and Polymer Composites and Additive Manufacturing
    • The importance of government-funded technology programmes
    • Risk and revenue sharing partnerships
  • Analysis of financial returns:
    • The effect of the pandemic on different sectors
    • Some companies have plunged into severe losses, while others have remained profitable, albeit with reduced margins
  • Key strategies of suppliers, including:
    • Vertical integration, investment in new capacity, new technologies, use of low cost countries, building a product-based business, and acquisition/JV.
    • Identifying corporate moves over the last two years

The report provides profiles of 159 companies. Our expanded profiles cover:

  • Origins and ownership
  • Our estimate of engine component sales, plus financials if obtainable
  • Operations and technologies
  • Customers and contracts
  • Strategy and recent developments
  • Our commentary
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