Aircraft Interiors 2023


Explore the dynamic market of aircraft interiors in the 10th edition of our report. With 680 pages of in-depth insight and market knowledge, our report covers all the recent trends in the interiors market. Delve into comprehensive analyses of market trends, industry dynamics following the pandemic, and detailed breakdowns of market segments including seats, galleys, lavatories, and more, with insightful projections for market growth under various scenarios from 2022-2032. Your purchase also includes in-depth profiles of over 150 key companies in the sector, providing valuable insights into their operations, technologies, and market positions to inform your strategic decisions.

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Our 2023 Aircraft Interiors report is the 10th Counterpoint review of the market. Our modelling indicates that IFEC was the biggest segment in aircraft interiors in 2022, surpassing seating for the first time.  This follows huge recent investments in seat-back IFE from American mainline airlines and also a huge growth in inflight connectivity as well as new products coming from leading suppliers.

The demand for aircraft interior products remains variable; there is no “return” to pre-Covid levels immediately apparent, and perhaps a genuine question as to whether the aircraft interiors industry could supply products are the rate it could in 2018, pre-pandemic and pre-737 MAX grounding. We look at the consequences for the industry, and at prospects for future growth.

Our 2023 report offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • This market was worth $10.25 billion in 2022, up from $8.0 billion in 2021. We look at what is driving this growth.
  • Market growth projections and segmentation over the period 2022-2032
  • How the market segments by:
    • Large Commercial, Regional, and Business Jets
    • OE, aftermarket; retrofit and spares
  • Market shares in each sector:
    • Seats (now includes Pilot and Super-numerary seats)
    • In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity
    • In-seat Power Supply Systems
    • Galleys:
      • Galley structures
      • Aircraft installed galley air chillers
      • Electrical galley inserts
      • Stowage boxes, trolleys and carts
    • Lavatories
    • Crew rest compartments
    • Other monuments
    • Cabin lighting
    • Interior panels
    • Overhead luggage bins
    • Floor coverings – Carpets and Non-Textile Flooring (NTF)
    • Cabin floor panels
    • Cockpit furnishings
    • Cargo liners

We describe key current trends including:

  • Industry profitability
  • Industry structure and consolidation
  • New product developments
  • Sustainability

The report provides profiles of 159 companies. Our expanded profiles cover:

  • Origins and ownership
  • Our estimate of interiors sales, plus financials if obtainable
  • Operations and capabilities
  • Customers and contracts
  • Strategy and recent developments
  • Our commentary
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