Aero-Engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul 2021


Explore the dynamics of the $47 billion aero engine MRO market. We provide market sizes and forecasts, detailed segmentation of the industry, key trends in the sector, and profiles of key players.

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The Aero-engine MRO market has seen a 50% contraction in 2020 compared what was forecast to be a period of strong growth through to mid-2020 supported by an upsurge in engine shop visits in the large commercial aircraft sector. We analyse the specific aircraft and engine pairings in service, commenting on the future outlook and their impact on the recovery.

We believe that we are well placed to describe the current market, identify trends, and advise on maintenance costs, emerging opportunities, and the recovery.

Our new report also offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • The estimated segmentation of this $47 billion market in 2019, including:
    • Aftermarket for engine, aircraft, and MRO type
    • Generic aircraft type: e.g., large commercial, regional, business jets, helicopters
    • Apportioning of MRO spend per engine variant for each generic aircraft type.
    • We segment MRO supplier commentary by OEM, Airline, and Independents.
    • Supplier commentary and market estimates for Auxiliary Power Units
  • We have created a detailed market model analysing the scheduled MRO cycle of 550 aircraft/engine pairing types;
    • We break this down by engine variant and equivalent engine OEM spend.
    • For large commercials, regionals and freighters, we show shop visit and LLP spend.
    • We show the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry, with the sharp market decline in 2020, and 10-year forecasts with three post-Covid-19 recovery scenarios.
  • Market trends and its key characteristics
    • How engine OEMs are developing their aftermarket service
    • The increase in Airline engine-MRO including coverage of in-house only and external services.
    • How some independents operate in niche markets
    • Coverage of the key engine maintenance trends, including:
    • Identification of shop visit cost information
    • LLP cycle limits and typical maintenance intervals
    • Keeping engine MRO within the country; growth in Asia and opportunities in India.
    • Overview of Business Jet Maintenance Programmes.
  • Key strategies of Aero-engine MRO providers, including:
    • What is the trend in repairing components over replacing them?
    • Who is investing in new capacity and which providers have access to a test cell?
    • Which providers have achieved new engine MRO licensing and what are others targeting?
    • The market outlook for the increased usage of Used Serviceable Material.
    • The importance of forming OEM relationships to benefit from their MRO network.
  • The report provides profiles of 85 companies. Our profiles cover;
    • Origins and ownership; our estimate of Aero-engine MRO sales, plus financials if obtainable; operations and capability; customers and contracts; strategy and recent developments; our comments including our views on the engine types served and licensing opportunities.
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